Why Six Monkey Workout Program?

Thank you for your interest in our newest program here at Six Monkey Martial Arts. This is one of the most advanced & personalized programs available on the market. Imagine having the same exact personalization of a workout plan done by an expert fitness professional at a quarter of the cost. Simply buy the course and you will be given a downloadable excel sheet that requires you to put in your info and the rest will happen automatically. If you do not have excel then no worries, simply upload it to google sheets and use from your phone either way. No more guessing what to do in the gym or doing complicated exercises that serve no purpose.


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  • Science based. All of our formulas, calorie & macronutrient calculator, and progression are 100% science based from the top fitness education authorities.

  • Our program adjusts to your fitness level & how much you can do. Simply enter what weight you are starting off with and our advanced formula will calculate how you should progress.

  • Progressive weight & cardio training

  • Macronutrient Calculator/ Calorie Intake Calculator

  • Heart Rate Zone Calculator

  • Adjusts to what equipment you have at home or if you have any kind of gym membership.

  • Recovery & Mobility Exercises

  • Simple & easy to use. All you need is a gym membership or some light to heavy dumbbells at home with a bench.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Phase 1: Muscle & Aerobic Base Training

    • Phase 1

  • 2

    Phase 2: Muscular Strength, Endurance & Fat Burning Cardio

    • Phase 2

  • 3

    Phase 3: Muscle Gain & Performance Cardio

    • Phase 3

  • 4

    Phase 4: Max Strength & High Cardio Workload

    • Phase 4

  • 5

    Phase 5: Athletic Performance

    • Phase 5


  • What equipment do I need to start?

    Any kind of gym membership or Light to Heavy dumbbells at home with an exercise bench.

  • Why do I have to fill out the PAR-Q?

    The PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) is 7 questions that help you determine if you are ready to begin an exercise program. If you answer YES to any of the 7 questions then you need to see a medical professional & be cleared by them to exercise.

  • Why do I need to do this program 6 days a week?

    Simple. Drastic changes require drastic work. There are 5 days of fitness training and 1 day of mobility & recovery work every week. Yes there is 1 full recovery day but still required to reach 10,000 steps.

  • What if I don’t know what these exercises are?

    No worries, every exercise day (except for day 6) has a link to how to properly perform each movement. All exercises are simple and effective as possible.

  • Why does day 6 not have any demo links?

    This is done on purpose because we want you to learn the exercises.

  • Why is the program 25 weeks long?

    This was done to provide plenty of variety for your training and to provide progression. New exercises & exercise order is done every 5 weeks to keep the body adapting to new demands and never grow accustomed to any one series of exercises.

  • Why is this program so expensive? Couldn’t I find 1000’s of other exercise programs online?

    It is not expensive when you look at the value of what you are receiving. The average high level personal trainer costs you $115-$175 dollars. So having a trainer 5 days a week for 25 weeks would cost you between $13,750 - $21,875! For a small fraction of the cost you get all the knowledge of an expert personal trainer plus can truly do it on your time not a trainer's restricted schedule.

  • What if I don’t have time to exercise daily?

    Make time. If you have time for streaming movies/tv, social media and going out for drinks then you have time to enhance your body.