What Is Six Monkey Martial Arts?

Six Monkey Martial Arts started with a simple goal. To show the world what a true traditional martial arts system is capable of. There are so many martial arts styles and systems out there with more coming in by the day. Teachers are not teaching to be practical but teaching how to play fight with an opponent. Real martial arts comes down to 3 simple things: Reactivity — how fast you can react to your opponent. Distance Control — being able to hit and not get hit. Timing — the ability to find a hole or opening in your opponents’ techniques. Regardless of what martial art you practice, if you do not work on these three essential skills then you will NOT be effective in a real altercation. Tai Shing is not only founded on these 3 key concepts, but it also expounds on them by teaching proper techniques and applications for vastly different scenarios. This system is complete. Meaning we do not borrow or teach techniques that come from another martial art. Every strike, kick, application, and drill are all from its inception in 1911. From Meditation & Qigong to Forms & Applications to Dim Mak & Sparring, all of it is original from the teachers before me. Sifu Barber started learning Tai Shing when he was 18 years of age and is now the youngest known master of the system. Six Monkey teaches as Tai Shing was designed to be taught… Effectively! Each lesson breaks down all the mechanics involved in each series of movements to help you LEARN each technique properly and how to use all your knowledge practically. Our program is made for all skill levels, as well as for those with and without local schools to practice in. Please enjoy the training sessions and please train safely & wisely.