Monkey Descriptions

  • Wood Monkey

    Wood Monkey is the rarest of the 5 monkeys in Tai Shing. It uses a Wu Wei principle. Meaning it is effortless effort. Learn to let your techniques flow unrestrained by your own thoughts or stresses. Evade & pivot in on your opponent using unique angles and levels to gain the upper hand. Wood Monkey is the shortest form but has a few unique applications like Poison Hands & Root Snatching to devastate your opponent.

  • Drunken Monkey

    Drunken Monkey is actually called Monkey Steals Masters Wine. It is a very fluid and controlled style. Learn to deflect strikes and use cotton fist techniques. This is also known as an internal martial art. Drunken Monkey uses internal strength, Qi and spiral techniques to overwhelm an opponent. While this style is very relaxed, the circular footwork in combination with precise strikes makes it deadly.

  • Stone Monkey

    Stone Monkey is an aggressive fighting style. It is a very rooted form. Meaning once it takes a step it is grounded into that spot. Stone Monkey uses trapping techniques & bridge destruction to break down an opponent’s guard and break them down quickly. This style also has Iron Shirt conditioning so you can take a strike to get a fight ending blow.

  • Lost Monkey

    Lost Monkey is a much more passive & quick style of Tai Shing. It uses quick short steps to move in and out of your opponent’s guard. Lost Monkey looks as if it is afraid but it uses that fear to make quick decisive strikes. Dispersing Hands is the main tactic used, these techniques use simultaneous block & strikes to surprise & destroy your opponents vital areas.

  • Tall Monkey

    Tall Monkey is a fluid style with aggressive striking. It uses a technique to extend your reach to close the distance on your opponent. Tall Monkey uses soft blocks with powerful strikes. Longer steps in and out and snatching hands make this monkey hard to counter. Tall Monkey also teaches Chin Na (joint locks & manipulation) to wreck your opponent.