• Is This A Monthly Subscription?

    The only subscription course is the M.S.T.R. program. All other courses are broken into payment plans to make it more affordable for all students.

  • Is There A Contract?

    No. None of our courses require any contracts or financial commitments. You can cancel & resume at any time.

  • What Is M.S.T.R. Course?

    The M.S.T.R. Course is our complete program. M.S.T.R. stands for Monkey System Training Regimen. It teaches all 5 sub monkey styles of Tai Shing. It is a 42 month program with testing options available to those who wish to participate in earning rank.

  • What Is Tai Shing?

    Tai Shing Kung Fu is a very rare martial art form. It was created in 1911 and known for its devastating techniques. Tai Shing has 5 sub monkey styles. Tall, Lost, Stone Drunken, & Wood Monkey. Each is very different but equally as destrcutive.

  • How Often Do I Need To Train?

    We recommend at least 3 days a week. This may vary from student to student. Some students need more time to recover between training sessions while others do not. Know your body, rest accordingly and if necessary speak with your health care office.

  • Do I Need A Training Partner?... What If I Don’t Have A Training Partner?

    You do not have to have a training partner. However, it is ideal to have someone to train or practice with & against. It is often hard to learn how to properly block a punch if you never had anyone throw punches at you. Do not worry if you do not have a training partner. Our courses are designed for students of all skill levels and access to a partner or not

  • What Equipment Do I Need For This Program?

    None. There will be options or modifications to certain exercises and drills where you may use weights or other types of equipment, but it is not necessary.

  • What If I Have Health Conditions?

    Whether you have prior health conditions or not we will always suggest that you be cleared for this program by a healthcare professional. As always, train at your own risk. Train smart and for longevity.